Sample Management Solution

Digitizing your sample management process with Salesforce powered solution

What is sample management?

Any bulk order purchase goes through a long procurement cycle. The buyer asks for the product sample. This sample request is first approved by the vendor hierarchy. The product sample is then dispatched to the buyer for evaluation. The vendor sales team follows up with the buyer on the product feedback and the order.

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Problems we solve

Typical problems in traditional Excel-based and paper-based sample management processes are:

  • Inefficient manual process leads to cost seepage with a compounding effect
  • Wrong sample dispatch may happen with a small human error – you will lose the order
  • Unintentional communication gap leads to process breakdown and delay in the sample dispatch
  • Data silos of multiple lines of business applications lead to lost business opportunity
  • Manual sample tracking is tedious
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It’s digitized

Krios solution

Powered by Salesforce

Solution built on a world-class platform

100% sample traceability

No sample dispatch errors

Real-time communication tracking

Absolute transparency in the process flow

Up-to-date sample view

No data silos – providing a 360 degree of sample tracking

Solution modules

Sample workflow

Define the sample lifecycle journey considering all external and internal sample touchpoints

Sample tracking

Get business insights on samples requested, dispatched, orders received from that sample

Sample catalog

Select the samples across your product categories

ROI analysis

Gain insights on sample wise, client wise ROI

Sample accountability

Assign owners for sample lifecycle journey and navigate sample workflow for approvals

Approval process

Design the approval workflow for your company with notification mechanism to bring the process transparency and audit trail

Sample expiry

Maintain details of sample specifications including expiry dates so that samples within expiry dates are dispatched to the client

Sample logistics

Integrate sample workflow with warehouse and transport workflow for end-to-end tracking

Finance and billing

Integrate with finance and invoicing workflows for approvals and billing purpose as required

Analytics and Intelligence

Analyze the data generated to get the dashboards and track the required business parameters

Goods returns

Helps you maintain the record of goods returned by the customers along with notes

Campaign management

Go to market campaigns, market segmentation, identify client persona based on the insights you receive

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