Krios Data and Analytics Service

We deploy modern cloud-based,
self-service BI platforms

Turn your data into actions and drive your business forward

Empower the business user to run their own reports in real-time without dependency on IT team

Allow everyone to investigate company data, study patterns, get insights

Access to business metrics, when and where you need them

Provide you valuable insights into your customer behaviour

Track and optimize various operational parameters to achieve operational excellence

Krios BI solutions

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI




Design, build, and deploy Power BI, Qlik to make it a feature-packed tool for your business needs that delivers value for your teams


Integrating BI visualizations into your external portals to help you make your visible to your partners and vendors who don’t use the platform.

Migration to modern BI platform

We migrate your legacy BI to a modern, self-service, cloud BI platform

BI customization

We deliver full-scale report and dashboard customization to help you get a multi-dimensional perspective of all your data sets within your branded environment

Krios BI solutions

Crafted for your role


Get company health records on critical business parameters of your choice in seconds without IT intervention.

Business users

Access to real-time reports, business data without dependency on IT team

Data Analysts

We help data analysts dig deeper into their data and unfold the platform’s predictive analytics potential.

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Krios BI solutions – Use cases

Crafted for your industry

Manufacturing & Automobile

  • View Manufacturing trend line
  • Sales analysis of goods & services and year-wise sales analysis
  • Equipment testing and QA analysis
  • Manufacturing operations dashboard
  • Supply chain and remote resource management with IoT analytics

Sales and Purchase

  • View customer sales analysis
  • Total purchase by supplier category
  • Purchase quantity by the delivery method
  • Year-wise and product-wise comparisons by total purchase.

Retail and consumer goods

  • View Supermarket Sales analysis further segmented into performance analysis
  • Market analysis and category analysis.
  • Store analysis report
  • Customer segmentation report


  • Calculate and analyze electricity consumption and usage
  • Power generation and demand analysis
  • Water, Gas and Utilities consumption and distribution insights


  • Hospital Emergency Response Decision Dashboard
  • Global COVID-19 Pandemic Report
  • Cancer Analytics Dashboard


  • View monthly sales analysis & comparison
  • City-wise sales analysis
  • User sales data
  • Quarter-wise user retention

Oil and gas

  • View average credit limit per customer categories
  • Tax amount & transactions vs profit for customer categories
  • Financial summary
  • Profits & expense statistics
  • Customer fulfillment statistics

Govt Sector

  • View number of incidents by districts
  • Incidents location heat map
  • Call count by year/month
  • Toll collection data
  • Contractor trend analysis


  • View balance sheet analysis
  • Profit & loss analysis
  • Cash ratio/cash flow analysis