Case study

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Streamlining helpdesk management

70% faster ticket resolution

Client situation:

Our client, an automobile giant with a PAN India dealer network has a complex organizational structure with high interdepartmental dependency. Any customer query hitting the helpdesk system had a long resolution time irrespective of its priority level. This resulted in low customer satisfaction scores.

Project objective:

A timely resolution of customer queries was key to building an unmatched customer experience.


The insight from the solution helped the client identify the open ticket trend (by ticket type, by department, by priority) and the root causes of the long resolution time. A plan was drawn for quick ticket resolution, which significantly improved positive customer experience and higher customer satisfaction scores.

Krios solution:

The discovery session with the client team helped the Krios team articulate the problem from the IT, business, and user sides. It helped us understand the data sources, interdependency, decision points, and insights required.
Building a comprehensive ticket tracking dashboard using Power BI reporting and data visualization capabilities was agreed with the client as a fit-for-purpose solution.

Krios’ solution helped the client in the following ways:
  • Visibility of open/close/ in-progress ticket volume along with priority levels
  • Ticket assignment – which resource is working on what type of tickets
  • Resolution status by ticket type and priority status
  • Volume and ticket type of high-priority tickets
  • Visibility of ticket volume spikes and common ticketing areas
  • Resolution time of tickets as per ticket type, ticket area, and the responsible department
  • Analysis of open ticket trends
  • Peer-to-peer comparison of departments in terms of ticket resolution efficiency