Choose the right fit model for the success

October 2022

You don’t bring industrial cutters to cut your vegetables. Also, your kitchen knives are useless for any industrial purpose. There is nothing wrong with your kitchen knife or industrial cutters. The point is to use the appropriate tool for its intended use. Fitment matters !

Map this to a software engagement.

Most of the software engagements started with the right intent and in-depth due diligence fail due to wrong selection of engagement models. Clients approach service providers as they may not have in-house capability to solve their specific problems. The problem lies with the client's inability to estimate the complexity of their own problem. Sometimes they buy a full service outsourcing engagement when in fact they wanted a small transactional support. On the other end of the spectrum, when they need strategic external help, they end up buying transactional support from the service provider. In both cases, engagement fails due to wrong problem articulation followed by wrong expectation setting and KPI definition.

A choice of the right fit model is important to ensure the success of your software engagement.

Krios brings a methodical approach in this engagement play. At Krios, we believe any software engagement by the client is a function of the level of complexity of the client's business problem. Low complexity problems need to have lightweight engagement while the high complexity and strategic level problems need to have strategic engagement.

Refer to Krios' engagement model as below.

Typically we start with an on-demand contract staffing engagement. In this, the client's problem is less complex. He needs to buy some expertise for a shorter contract duration without going through any recruitment hassles. In this case, Krios provides junior consultants from its KTP batch (0-6 months of experience) or they engage senior consultants as per the requirement.

As the client gets first hand experience of Krios’ expert consultants, we propose to solve their medium complex problem by first taking responsibility for one or more project modules. We call this as Proof of Delivery (POD) engagement. In the POD model, the client evaluates our delivery capability and project governance. After working in POD mode, we propose to increase our engagement level and take the ownership of end-to-end project delivery.

As the client becomes a more mature buyer, his expectations from the IT function increases and he starts thinking of setting up an offshore/offsite development center in a purely outsourcing or hybrid mode. Krios then takes ownership of setting up the facility, hiring and onboarding experts, training , delivery and program outcome responsibility.

Krios works across the entire spectrum of IT services - from providing an on-demand expert to setting up offshore/offsite development centers for its clients. Talk to us about the business problem you want to solve. We will collaborate with you with the right fit engagement model.

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Align your engagement model with the complexity of the problem you wish to solve.

As client’s problem complexity increases, service provider needs to step up his engagement scope to provide the right fit engagement model